Jaume Bach Núñez was born in Sabadell in 1943. He studied at the Escola Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona, graduating in 1969, and receiving the degree of Doctor of Architecture and Professor. He has taught Composition and Architectural Projects at this university since 1970 and he is a member of the ETSAB’s Final Projects Jury.

In 1965 he worked as a student collaborator in the studio MBM, and later in Correa and Milá studio. He began his professional activity in 1968 combining Architecture with Urbanism; it was in the 80s when he founded the Bach / Mora society and later in 1988 Bach Arquitectes S.L.P.

He has been a visiting professor in public institutions and Architecture Schools such as Hannover, Urbino, Torino, Vienna, Bucharest and Dublin. He has given numerous seminars and lectures over Spain, and internationally in Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Slovenia, England, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, United States, India, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela and Chile. As a jury member, he has been present in the 1995 FAD Awards, the “Piranesi Prize” of Architecture (Slovenia), and the International Competition of Young Architects of Guadalajara (Mexico) among others. He is an honorary member of the Board of Trustees of the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas.


His work has been exhibited in several Spanish cities and internationally: Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris (2009), Parma, Italy (2005), X Biennal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires (2005), Hannover (2005), Guadalajara, Mexico (2004), Moscow (2004), Buenos Aires (2004, 2001), Asti, Italy (2001), León, Mexico (2000), Biennal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires (1998), Città Emilia, Italy (1998), Essen Deubau (1998), AEDES Gallery, Berlin (1997-98), Expotecnia New Delhi (1997), Biennal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires (1995), Olinda Biennal, Brasil (1994), Chicago (1993), Vienna (1992), Florence (1992), Basel (1992), Bagneux (1991), Bolonia (1991), Deutsche Arkitektur Museum, Frankfurt (1991), Paris (1990), Tokyo (1989), Caracas Contemporary Art Museum (1989), Utrecht (1989), Biennal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires (Gold Medal 1987), Santiago de Chile (1987), Tel Aviv (1987), Rotterdam (1986), Athens (1986), The Architectural League of New York (1986), Bordeaux (1985), XIII Paris Biennal, Centre Pompidou (1985), Europalia Brussels (1985), Santiago de Chile (1985), UNESCO, Paris (1981).


He has received numerous distinctions, of note amongst which are various FAD awards: 1989 (Fundació “la Caixa” Cultural Centre, Palau Macaya), 1988 (Caves Raventós i Blanc), 1987 (Jujol School), 1982 (Muntaner Station), 1981 (Olèrdola House). He has also been finalist on a number of occasions: 2014 (Banc Sabadell Headquarters), 2000 (Illa Fleming), 1997 (Mollet High School), 1993 (Sabadell Railway Station), 1991 (Terrassa Olympic Hockey Stadium), 1990 (Corachan Hospital Extension), 1989 (Sports Centre in Gracia), 1988 (COAC 5th Floor), 1987 (Youth Initiative Centre, Torre Balldovina Nursery School), 1986 (Health Centre in Sant Vicenç dels Horts), 1984 (Special Mention for Bellaterra Station), 1982 (L’Alzina School Group), 1981 (Olèrdola House), as well as shortlisted in 2010 (Casp Apartment Building), 2004 (Banc Sabadell Landscape Building), 2001 (Plaça Cerdà Block), 2000 (Caposa Offices and Factory), 1998 (Illa Metalco),  1992 (Telephone Exchange in the Olympic Village), 1991 (Can Ros Station), 1990 (Tarragona Incineration Plant), 1988 (Espiells Viticulture and Enology School), 1987 (Can Gasset Dwellings). He has also a Honourable Mention in the first National Urbanism Prize (Dalt La Vila), and other acknowledgments as the Golden Medal in the Buenos Aires Biennal 1987 (collective), the ASCER Prize 2004, and Selected several times in the Spanish Architecture Biennal.

In the realm of Design, he has received various Brunel Commendations from the International Awards for Outstanding Visual Design in Public Railway Transport: in 1989 (Utrecht), 1992 (Madrid), 1994 (Washington) and 1998 (Madrid); Delta de Plata ADI FAD Award 1984 (FFCC Control Barriers),  and ADI FAD Selection 1986 (Jardinera Barcina).


His work has been released in more than 600 publications, in prestigious national and international books and magazines, including specific articles and interviews in Spanish and International press, as well as numerous monographs which are: “Jaume Bach, Gabriel Mora”. Ed. AEDES, Berlin (1997), “Bach – Mora Arquitectos”. Ed. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona (1996), “Bach / Mora”. Ed. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona (1988), “Jaume Bach – Gabriel Mora». Documentos de Arquitectura nº 5. Ed. COA Almería (1988), “Jaume Bach i Gabriel Mora». Ed. EL CROQUIS nº19 (1985).