Banc De Sabadell Headquarters
Polígon de Can Sant Joan, Sant Cugat del Vallès.
Banc de Sabadell
Blázquez-Guanter (structure), J.G. Asociados (mechanical engineering), Marçal Roig i Associats (quantity surveyor).
The basic idea of the project is to lift three light crystalline volumes above the green landscape of Vallès. The geometry of these volumes follows a precise and elemental scheme of a square floor plan. This geometry is in a contrast with the rest of the programme situated beneath the cubes following the landscape. These spaces are partly covered with ground and they open to the landscape via several strategic cuts in the terrain (the entrance-square, the restaurant or the gym).
The purpose is to leave the topography of the terrain as before the construction and to minimise the movement of land during it.
The facade is based on traditional passive solar protection by mobile shades, which provide both the necessary shading and the possibility to open the interior spaces to the exterior.